• .net web development training in lahore
    .net web development training in lahore
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    .net web development training in lahore
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.Net web development Training in lahore

Softsunrise course content is designed in such a way that it is suitable to the beginners as well as the professionals who would like to update themselves with the new technologies. Our trainers will provide you the hands on experience on the real time projects.


.Net web development Training in lahore

Course Outline

  • .NET Programming Fundamentals
  • Building applications with Visual Studio
  • Analyzing the .NET Framework
  • Managing projects with Solution Explorer
  • Setting project properties and adding references
  • Adding files, folders and code
  • Compiling, debugging and testing programs
  • Coding object–oriented applications
  • Dividing code into classes
  • Adding fields, methods, properties, events and constructors
  • Defining scope and visibility

VB and C# Language Syntax

  • Working with data types and conversions
  • Strings
  • Dates and time
  • Integers
  • Real numbers
  • Booleans
  • Performing calculations with mathematical operators
  • Converting between data types
  • Controlling program execution
  • IF statements
  • Writing complex criteria expressions
  • CASE (switch) statements
  • For...Next loops
  • Do While...loops
  • Handling errors
  • Throwing exceptions
  • Stepping through code with the debugger
  • Try...Catch...Finally error handling
  • Commenting code
  • Crafting Windows Applications
  • Windows application basics
  • Creating forms and controls
  • Navigating with menus
  • Automating code with the Toolbox and Properties window

Event–driven programming

  • Handling events from the user interface
  • Declaring and raising events
  • Designing Object–Oriented Applications
  • Separating application responsibilities into classes
  • Single responsibility principle
  • Inheriting a base class
  • Overriding methods in derived classes
  • Reusing code from multiple projects
  • Creating a class library in Visual Studio
  • Setting references

Programming Web Applications with ASP.NET

  • Constructing ASP.NET websites with Visual Studio
  • Writing HTML pages and forms
  • Maintaining consistency with Master Pages
  • Designing pages with ASP.NET controls
  • Styling sites with ASP.NET themes

Processing ASP.NET Web Forms

  • Displaying data and gathering user input
  • Activating Web Forms with events
  • Maintaining variables with sessions
  • Automating data access with ASP.NET Data Binding
  • Controlling website access
  • Configuring Web Forms security
  • Automating user account creation

Incorporating Relational Databases

  • Relational database concepts
  • Employing databases for fast, efficient storage
  • Selecting, inserting, updating and deleting query syntax
  • Creating a SQL Server database
  • Adding tables, fields and indexes
  • Defining primary and foreign key relationships
  • Accessing the database with Entity Framework
  • Connecting to the database
  • Storing user information
  • Retrieving existing records

Deploying .NET applications

  • Publishing applications with ClickOnce
  • Moving ASP.NET applications to the web

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