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laptop repairing trainig in lahore

Learn laptop repairing training both basic and advance chip level course
Soft Sunrise is One of The best laptop repairing training center in lahore Pakistan. We train according to the latest trends and technologies available in the Market. If you are looking for a good responsive solution do admit soft sunrise today.


laptop repairing trainig in lahore

Course Outline

  • The basic fundamentals of a laptop
  • Difference between the working of a laptop, netbook and desktop computer
  • Upgrading memory modules like RAM, harddisk & BIOS
  • BIOS settings of different laptops/desktop motherboards:As AWARD, AMI, INTEL, MITSUBISHI, HYUNDAI, SST, WINBOND, PHOENIX, etc.
  • Power management of a laptop
  • Diagnosing problems without disassembling a laptop
  • Expert guidance and procedures of repairing a laptop
  • Assembly and disassembly of different laptops with video guidance
  • Testing of batteries and power adaptors
  • Technique of using Cathode Ray Oscilloscope(CRO)
  • Testing Frequencies of circuit and crystals using Cathode Ray Oscilloscope(CRO)
  • Technique of using Multitester
  • Installation of Drivers for various Operating Systems which do not come with the system upon identification of chips
  • Repairing Human Interface Devices (Keyboard, Touchpad, Trackball etc.)
  • Block diagrams and schematic diagrams of different laptop and desktop motherboards
  • Replacing Mobile Processor, FPC belts, DVI cables, switches, speakers, web cams, ventilation fans, Bluetooth cards, WI-FI cards, WI-FI antenna cables of laptops
  • Repairing LCD display and Inverter circuit of laptops
  • Identification of all chips and crystals on laptop and desktop motherboard Soldering and Desoldering techniques
  • Use of soldering iron, desolder wire, electric desolder pump, SMD vacuum picker, ect.
  • Track tracing and jumpering
  • Detailed component list and working of various sections of laptop and desktop motherboards: As PWM section, volt IN section, CPU temperature sensing and control section, Audio codec-amplification-headphone-HDA section, Charging-Discharging section, Step-Down section, Graphics section, System controller, Embeded controller, input-output section.
  • Datasheet reading and testing:
  • As VDD, VCC , PCICLK, VID, Power Good, X-in, X-out, USB_48MHZ, REF, VSS, VIN, V+, VBAT, etc.
  • Testing of chips using Datasheet
  • Operating SMD Rework Station
  • Replacing of faulty chips using SMD Rework Station
  • Notes and course material with pictures and videos created on the basis of actual practical experience (available in soft copy and hard copy)
  • Complete fault finding diagnostics and sure-shot solutions
  • Reballing BGA chipsets, GPU's, DSP's using stensils and solder balls. Like Nvidia, ATI, intel, VIA, AMD and more.
  • Replacing BGA Northbridge, Southbridge, GPU's, DSP's. Like Nvidia, ATI, intel, VIA, AMD using BGA REWORK STATION
  • Testing Data Addresses on RAM, BIOS, PCI by using CRO
  • Using different types of Electronic Debug cards, Ram testers, CPU socket testers for laptop and desktop motherboards
  • Repairing SO-DIMM RAM stick by replacing chips on the RAM stick
  • 2.5" SATA and IDE Harddisk repairing
  • Detailed numbering of all the chips of the laptop and desktop motherboards in Excel sheet, For example:

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