Advance web development training in lahore

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Advance web development training in lahore

Class Layout

1 : JavaScript

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Prologue to JavaScript
  • Factors and Data sorts
  • Choice Statements
  • Circling and Its Types
  • String Functions
  • Utilizing Arrays
  • Utilizing Object
  • Customers Side Form Validation

2 : JQuery

  • Establishment and sentence structure of JQuery
  • Utilizing JQuery With Different Events
  • Impacts of JQuery
  • Basic Effects (Show, shroud, flip)
  • Sliding Effects
  • Blurring Effects
  • JQuery with HTML
  • JQuery Animation Effects
  • JQuery Examples

3 : PHP with MySQL

  • Fundamental PHP programming Concepts
  • Variable and Data sorts
  • Conditions and Looping
  • Utilizing PHP with HTML Form Elements
  • Super Global Variables in PHP
  • Capacities (Built-in and User Defined)
  • Session in PHP
  • Utilization of Cookies

4 : Introduction to Database

  • Interface and Use of MYSQL
  • Diverse Queries of MySQL
  • Joining of MySQL with PHP
  • Building Web Application in PHP

5 : WordPress

  • Fundamental Features of Woo Commerce
  • Introduce and Extend Woo Commerce
  • Including Products
  • Installments Methods
  • Subscribe and Gallery
  • Last Project

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