.Net web development Training in lahore

Softsunrise course substance is outlined in a manner that it is appropriate to the apprentices and in addition the experts who might want to upgrade themselves with the new innovations. Our coaches will give you the hands on understanding on the continuous ventures.


.Net web development Training in lahore

Class Layout

.NET Programming Fundamentals

  • Building applications with Visual Studio
  • Breaking down the .NET Framework
  • Overseeing ventures with Solution Explorer
  • Setting venture properties and including references
  • Including documents, organizers and code
  • Ordering, investigating and testing programs
  • Coding object–oriented applications
  • Isolating code into classes
  • Including fields, techniques, properties, occasions and constructors
  • Characterizing degree and perceivability

VB and C# Language Syntax

  • Working with information sorts and changes
  • Strings
  • Dates and time
  • Whole numbers
  • Genuine numbers
  • Booleans
  • Performing computations with numerical administrators
  • Changing over between information sorts
  • Controlling system execution
  • In the event that announcements
  • Composing complex criteria expressions
  • CASE (switch) articulations
  • For...Next circles
  • Do While...loops
  • Taking care of blunders
  • Tossing special cases
  • Venturing through code with the debugger
  • Try...Catch...Finally blunder taking care of
  • Remarking code

  Creating Windows Applications

  • Windows application fundamentals
  • Making structures and controls
  • Exploring with menus
  • Computerizing code with the Toolbox and Properties window

Event–driven programming

  • Taking care of occasions from the UI
  • Pronouncing and raising occasions
  • Outlining Object–Oriented Applications
  • Isolating application duties into classes
  • Single duty rule
  • Acquiring a base class
  • Abrogating techniques in determined classes
  • Reusing code from numerous ventures
  • Making a class library in Visual Studio
  • Setting references

Programming Web Applications with ASP.NET

  • Developing ASP.NET sites with Visual Studio
  • Composing HTML pages and structures
  • Keeping up consistency with Master Pages
  • Planning pages with ASP.NET controls
  • Styling destinations with ASP.NET subjects
  • Preparing ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Showing information and social occasion client input
  • Actuating Web Forms with occasions
  • Keeping up factors with sessions
  • Robotizing information access with ASP.NET Data Binding
  • Controlling site get to
  • Arranging Web Forms security
  • Mechanizing client account creation
  • Fusing Relational Databases
  • Social database ideas
  • Utilizing databases for quick, effective capacity
  • Selecting, embeddings, overhauling and erasing question linguistic structure

Making a SQL Server database

  • Including tables, fields and records
  • Characterizing essential and remote key connections
  • Getting to the database with Entity Framework
  • Interfacing with the database
  • Putting away client data
  • Recovering existing records
  • Sending .NET applications
  • Distributing applications with ClickOnce
  • Moving ASP.NET applications to the web

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