laptop repairing trainig in lahore

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laptop repairing trainig in lahore

Class Layout

  • The essential things of a portable PC
  • Contrast between the working of a portable PC, netbook and desktop PC
  • Redesigning memory modules like RAM, harddisk and BIOS
  • BIOS settings of various portable workstations/desktop motherboards:As AWARD, AMI, INTEL, MITSUBISHI, HYUNDAI, SST, WINBOND, PHOENIX, and so forth.
  • Control administration of a portable workstation
  • Diagnosing issues without dismantling a portable workstation
  • Master direction and strategies of repairing a portable workstation
  • Get together and dismantling of various portable workstations with video direction
  • Testing of batteries and power connectors
  • Strategy of utilizing Cathode Ray Oscilloscope(CRO)
  • Testing Frequencies of circuit and precious stones utilizing Cathode Ray Oscilloscope(CRO)
  • Strategy of utilizing Multitester
  • Establishment of Drivers for different Operating Systems which don't accompany the endless supply of chips
  • Repairing Human Interface Devices (Keyboard, Touchpad, Trackball and so forth.)
  • Square graphs and schematic outlines of various tablet and desktop motherboards
  • Supplanting Mobile Processor, FPC belts, DVI links, switches, speakers, web cams, ventilation fans, Bluetooth cards, WI-FI cards, WI-FI reception apparatus links of tablets
  • Repairing LCD show and Inverter circuit of tablets
  • Distinguishing proof of all chips and precious stones on portable workstation and desktop motherboard Soldering and Desoldering strategies
  • Utilization of welding iron, desolder wire, electric desolder pump, SMD vacuum picker, ect.
  • Track following and jumpering
  • Nitty gritty segment rundown and working of different segments of portable workstation and desktop motherboards: As PWM area, volt IN segment, CPU temperature detecting and control segment, Audio codec-intensification earphone HDA segment, Charging-Discharging segment, Step-Down segment, Graphics segment, System controller, Embeded controller, input-yield segment.
  • Datasheet perusing and testing:
  • As VDD, VCC , PCICLK, VID, Power Good, X-in, X-out, USB_48MHZ, REF, VSS, VIN, V+, VBAT, and so on.
  • Testing of chips utilizing Datasheet
  • Working SMD Rework Station
  • Supplanting of flawed chips utilizing SMD Rework Station
  • Notes and course material with pictures and recordings made on the premise of real commonsense experience (accessible in delicate duplicate and printed version)
  • Finish blame discovering diagnostics and beyond any doubt shot arrangements
  • Reballing BGA chipsets, GPU's, DSP's utilizing stensils and bind balls. Like Nvidia, ATI, intel, VIA, AMD and that's just the beginning.
  • Supplanting BGA Northbridge, Southbridge, GPU's, DSP's. Like Nvidia, ATI, intel, VIA, AMD utilizing BGA REWORK STATION
  • Testing Data Addresses on RAM, BIOS, PCI by utilizing CRO
  • Utilizing diverse sorts of Electronic Debug cards, Ram analyzers, CPU attachment analyzers for portable PC and desktop motherboards
  • Repairing SO-DIMM RAM stick by supplanting chips on the RAM stick
  • 2.5" SATA and IDE Harddisk repairing
  • Point by point numbering of the considerable number of chips of the tablet and desktop motherboards in Excel sheet, For instance:

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