microsoft office training in lahore

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microsoft office training in lahore

Class Layout

Microsoft Word

  • Prologue to Microsoft Word
  • Record Views
  • Entering and Editing Text
  • Sparing and Opening Documents
  • Exploring and Selecting Text
  • Altering, Copying and Moving Text
  • Arranging Documents
  • Utilizing Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Utilizing Tabs
  • Prologue to Tables
  • Embeddings Pictures
  • Page Layout and Printing
  • Prologue to Styles, Themes and Templates
  • Overseeing Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Altering Tables and utilizing Formulas
  • Embeddings Text Objects
  • Embeddings Graphic Objects
  • Utilizing Quick Parts
  • Multi-Section Documents
  • Headers and Footers in huge reports
  • Sealing Tools

Microsoft Excel

  • Prologue to Microsoft Excel
  • Entering and Amending Data
  • Sparing and Opening Workbooks
  • Exploring and Selecting Ranges
  • Entering Formulas
  • Embeddings/Deleting Rows and Columns
  • Arranging Worksheets
  • Utilizing Simple Functions
  • Duplicating, Moving and AutoFill
  • Relative versus Total References
  • Seeing and Printing
  • Overseeing Range Names
  • Date and Time Formulas
  • Custom Formats
  • In the event that and Related Functions
  • VLOOKUP and Related Functions
  • Propelled Filter/Subtotals
  • Database Functions
  • Various Workbooks/Consolidation
  • Information Validation
  • Evaluating
  • Rotate Tables
  • Shared Workbooks/Tracking
  • Securing Worksheets
  • Utilizing Templates

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Prologue to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Making a Presentation
  • Entering and Editing Text
  • Overseeing Text
  • Content Boxes and Tables
  • Pictures and Drawings
  • SmartArt and Charts
  • Presentation Designs and Formatting
  • Printing PowerPoint Presentations
  • Straightforward Animations
  • Running Slide Shows

Microsoft Access

  • Review of Relational Databases
  • Prologue to Microsoft Access
  • Making a Database
  • Making Tables and Modifying Table Design
  • Working with Tables
  • Select Queries
  • Making and Using Forms
  • Making and Using Reports
  • Database Management

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